How to Increase Customer Acquisition and Enhance Customer Contact During COVID-19 Pandemic

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About this knowledge

The number of orders received can increase even during the COVID-19 pandemic! How to increase customer acquisition and enhance customer contact in situations when you cannot negotiate directly with them.

Category:Sales, Customer Success
Format:PDF / 15 pages

Target readers

  • toB marketing representatives and those who work in the sales promotion division or new business divisions
  • Those who want to thrash out solutions to the current marketing or sales situationss
  • Those engaging in marketing and sales activities under the ongoing COVID-19 situations

Common issues

  • I don’t know what to do with the appointment conversion rate, project conversion rate, and order rate, which are stagnant due to COVID-19.
  • Although we have introduced a system, we have not built a successful business yet.
  • Although we are implementing measures by setting up KPIs, we don’t know if the outcomes will be the ones we want.
  • Although we send hot leads to our sales representatives, their response is weak.
  • Although there is a lot of marketing information available, we don’t know if we can apply it to our company.
  • I always worry about how to prepare reports to management.

The value of this knowledge (Know-how)

This know-how introduces endeavors that marketing/sales promotion representatives who have the same problems with you have made, and results they have achieved. This means ideas you can get from websites, such as how to increase the email click rate, are not included. What we introduce here includes results gained through exploring what measures to take when working backward from negotiating an order. There are no correct answers in marketing. But the know-how we introduce here will benefit you greatly.

Outline of the project example

Strengthening of cooperation between marketing and sales in the manufacturing industry (toB business) Measures to improve customer contact using Marketing Automation tools (MA) and digital contents in a situation where it is difficult to conduct face-to-face sales activities due to COVID-19

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