How to Conduct Effective Project Reflection Meeting Using KPT Method

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Category:Efficiency, management, Meeting
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Target readers

  • Managers, section managers, PMs, PMOs, and PLs of lines in a medium- and long-term project in which the PDCA cycle can be implemented continuously
  • Managers, section managers, PMs, PMOs, and PLs of lines for which projects will conclude in the near future

Common issues

  • You have many different opinions and statements during a meeting, and the meeting ends before reaching a consensus.
  • There is no facilitator.
  • You cannot engage in wide-ranging discussion because meetings always start without preparation.
  • Meetings are not linked to the tasks that follow them (meetings end before what was discussed is connected to the next tasks).

The value of this knowledge (Know-how)

  • A meeting can proceed in an orderly sequence by systematically arranging the agenda.
  • A meeting can flow more smoothly by deciding in advance how to structure it.
  • A meeting can proceed when input materials are prepared.
  • You can apply the KPT method to link what has been discussed in a meeting to the subsequent improvement tasks.

Outline of the project example

Promoting the adoption of points for the project reflection meeting

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