How to reduce workload on estimate preparation for large scale projects with multi-layered contracts

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About this knowledge

The number of orders received can increase even during the COVID-19 pandemic! How to increase customer acquisition and enhance customer contact in situations when you cannot negotiate directly with them.

Format:PDF / 8 pages

Target readers

Prime contractors' sales representatives, presales staff, and systems engineers (SE)

  • Those in charge of estimating person-hours in order to receive an order for a project (presales and SE)
  • Those who evaluate operating profits and other figures in a project undertaken (sales representatives, etc.)

Common issues

  • In many projects, preparing and sorting estimates, and calculating profit margins, can be complex.
  • Tasks like these consume person-hours, which affects the project schedules and person-hours of other tasks (overtime work).

The value of this knowledge (Know-how)

A mechanism can be implemented with which you can automatically create an estimate to submit to a customer by preparing estimate-format templates in advance and filling them in with the necessary figures.

Outline of the project example

Reduction in person-hours for preparing an estimate.This document covers a prime systems integrator that receives an order for a project as a prime contractor. This document provides know-how for reducing person-hours spent for evaluating the costs required for the project that is to be undertaken. If you are able to smoothly prepare such an estimate, you can respond flexibly to customers' needs.

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