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How to Proceed With Business Process Re-Engineering in the Era of Digital Transformation

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About this knowledge

Digital technologies can be used as a powerful tool for operational reforms. Currently, some companies define the use of these technologies as digital transformation. In some cases, however, making use of digital technologies can be the purpose. This know-how, then, provides what you should know about, and how you can proceed with, digital utilization in your operational reforms.

Category:Efficiency, IT
Format:PDF / 7 pages

Target readers

  • Managers
  • Those who were instructed to promote digital transformation by the company
  • Those who want to carry out operational reforms with digital technologies

Common issues

  • You are not sure what role digital transformation plays in your company and also what you should do.
  • You espoused a slogan of "using digital technologies for operational reforms," but have been unable to start.
  • You examined the current situation, but the people in charge of operations are uncooperative, resulting in failure to even visualize what is going on.
  • A team for operational reforms was formed, but all of its members have other work to do. Thus, they all regard the reforms as other people's business.

The value of this knowledge (Know-how)

  • You can grasp what you need to know when using digital technologies for operational reforms.
  • You can grasp how to proceed with operational reforms that apply digital technologies.
  • You can grasp how to create a team when using digital technologies for operational reforms.

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