How to Maintain Quality Level While Reducing Amount of Tests Using Pairwise

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About this knowledge

Large-scale project where the mission-critical system of a major travel agency has been rebuilt

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Target readers

  • Managers, PMs and developers who are puzzling over the balance between quality and cost in a large-scale project
  • Managers, PMs and developers who have a problem with prolonged development time due to an enormous volume of testing in a large-scale project

Common issues

  • One issue often encountered in a large-scale project is that increased test volume leads to higher development costs and longer development time.
  • However, it is difficult to determine the right test volume because the test volume and quality have a trade-off relationship. That is, reducing the test volume may lead to a system failure due to insufficient testing. As a result, there are many cases where a company invests in many testers to complete testing.

The value of this knowledge (Know-how)

It is possible to reduce the test volume while ensuring high quality.

In this project example, we will mainly introduce the following on-site know-how items:

  • Theory of reducing the test volume without diminishing the quality (proof of the theory using data)
  • Practical test criteria based on the above theory
  • Tool that streamlines creation of a test case along with the above test criteria
  • Actual test case (excerpt of the main parts)

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